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Architecture APRIL 2018                    
Architecture JANUARY 2018           K A Y S E GUNDRAM 206.713.0180 KAYSE@WINDERMERE.COM
Architecture OCTOBER 2017 (Now Quarterly)                          K A Y S E GUNDRAM 206.713.0180 KAYSE@WINDERMERE.COM
Architecture SEPTEMBER 2017    Photographs by Richard Downer Photography. [Images courtesy of Scott & Scott Architects.]   K A Y S E GUNDRAM 206.713.0180 KAYSE@WINDERMERE.COM
Architecture AUGUST 2017   all images © jeremy bittermann         “Lender Change”  Can I switch lenders if I am already in mutual acceptance with a financing contingency?     KAYSE GUNDRAM 206.713.0180 KAYSE@WINDERMERE.COM
Architecture JULY 2017 all images © david wakely HIGH DESIGN RANCH STYLE LIVING all images © david wakely PEARPOD HAND CRAFTED BY EllenMulcrone [above] MANU NEST BY Raimonds Cirulis FOR MAFFAM [below] ARCHITECTURALLY CARVED BY UMMO STUDIOS IMAGES © David Vico  IMAGES © David Vico DIY URBAN VEGETABLE GARDEN FOR SMALL SPACES [above] URBAN BED IDEAS FROM LANDSCAPING NETWORK [below] “Pending BU”  Are back up offers […]
Architecture JUNE 2017 “Contingency Theory”  to waive or not to waive ↓ Q:  “We understand that the market in Seattle right is crazy hot. We are just starting out and are trying to get an idea of what we need to prepare for. We’ve heard that people are waiving every contingency including financing. Can you share with us what […]
Architecture MAY 2017 “Parcel to Palace” Buying Vacant Land ↓ Q:  “We’ve been beat out in the Seattle multiple offer market and have decided that we will try our hand at purchasing vacant land and then building our dream home. What do we need to know about buying vacant land? Is it that much different than buying a home?” […]
Architecture APRIL 2017 EVER CURIOUS WHO ACTUALLY BUILDS THESE AMAZING HOMES? WHOSE ARCHITECTURAL GENIUS IS BEHIND THE WHEEL?    According to contemporist, this home was design and built “for a couple, an artist and an engineer, that wanted a contemporary style, but not out of place with the rest of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, lots of natural light, an interior […]
Architecture MARCH 2017 AS A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL, I AM ALWAYS ON THE HUNT FOR AMAZING HOMES.  I love people and the thrill of the hunt. I also happen to love architecture and design.        I’m always searching for beauty that is born from thoughtful creation. Whether it be interiors, fashion, fonts, food presentation or an amazing chalet […]